Scottish After Dinner Speaker - Jimmy Stirling
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Jimmy was born in a circus and at sixteen years of age ran away to work in a factory.
His mother was the bearded lady and his father was the India rubber man.
Before Jimmy was born they were asked if they wanted a boy or a girl. They replied, "We couldn't give a shit as long as it fits in the cannon."
His uncle was a trapeze artist and incontinent, he was unlucky, but not as unlucky as his audience.
Jimmy left the circus shortly after the funeral of his grandfather who was a circus clown. He said he was deeply moved that day by the sight of all the other clowns turning up for the funeral in the one car.
Jimmy has recently retired as a licensee of a pub in Kircaldy. He said "He had many an inebriated night in that pub. That is until last year when he opened it to the public.
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